Are you ready to tap into the divine energy of the Archangels and experience healing like never before? Join us for Archangelic Light – a powerful connection with the Angelic realm that will transform your life!

Imagine feeling a cool, colorful energy spiraling through your body, removing blockages, changing stress patterns, and bringing balance to all energies in your body. This pure love energy, the highest vibration field of energy, works powerfully yet gently on the subtle energy systems of the body.

And it’s not just for humans! This energy has been so healing and transformative for animals, helping with behavior issues and transforming rescue animals. As a herbalist, this energy has breathed new life into gardens, plants, and flowers.

During this exciting class, you’ll learn all about the angels and their uses, positive affirmations, crystal meditation, and how to use Angel cards in your sessions. You’ll even get to practice on pets (yes, pets are available in class!), and learn how to anchor this energy all over your home and property.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive an in-depth look at how to heal relationships with this powerful energy and be awarded a certificate at the end of the class so you can use this modality on others.

This is not your ordinary healing modality – it’s an all-encompassing, life-changing experience. So whether you join us in person or via Zoom, make sure to RSVP soon because spots are limited and will fill up fast!

Get ready to connect with the divine feminine energies of Mother Mary, Mother Meera, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Kwan Yin, and other beings of Light, and experience the transformative power of Archangelic Light!