This class teaches you to use the appropriate crystals to manifest your desires and you’ll learn how to grid appropriately to match the bodies energy for optimal manifestation.
This Class Will Include:
  • A Course Manual
  • Learn how to appropriately grid your pet for health and behavior issues.
  • Create grids to bring harmony and tranquility to multi-pet homes and to homes bringing in new pets.
  • Learn the properties and uses of 10 new stones.
  • Learn to grid the body with crystals.
  • Learn which grids support different health concerns.
  • Learn how to intuitively tap into your life’s desires and grid to bring to fruition.
  • Using crystal matrices on and around the body, you will be practicing layouts and constructing matrices.
Cost: $55
Deposit: $20 (This will hold your spot in class.)
The remaining amount is to be paid prior to or at the time of class.
Payment Options:
  • Pay right here by clicking purchase.
  • Use Venmo: danielle-rodriguez-68
  • Use CashApp: $hummingbirdwellness
  • Use Zelle: 9199029506
Various ways to protect yourself from physical and psychic attack this is most important to have a way to protect yourself when out and about. This class includes a powerful Meditation to promote alliance with the STONE PEOPLE.
In this class you’ll learn how to…
  • do specific techniques you will learn to set up protection daily before leaving your home to not take on anyone’s “stuff.”
  • d0 new stones to learn their healing properties.
  • help your pets with crystals.
  • grid your home.
  • grid your land.
  • grid your gardens.
  • manifest exactly what you want with crystals.
  • build reflective shields, constructing protective matrices and strengthening our auric fields using crystal energy.



Our crystal series has 4 classes. You can take as many or as few as you would like. When you complete all 4 classes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Crystal Therapy.
  • The classes do not need to be taken in order.
  • The classes have limited space.
  • Our classes have in-person and Zoom options.

COVID GUIDELINES: We are asking all class participants to:

  • Bring a mask to wear (required)
  • You are free to bring gloves and your own sanitizer
  • Take a shower before attending class
  • Wear fresh and clean clothes
  • Wash hands prior to coming to class
  • Wash hands when leaving class


All in-person participants will be required to confirm that they:

  • have not had contact with anyone exposed to COVID-19,
  • have no symptoms, a fever or are not feeling well.