Get ready to protect yourself like never before! This class is your ultimate guide to defending yourself from physical and psychic attacks, so you can confidently stroll around town with peace of mind. You’ll learn specific techniques that will empower you to set up daily protection before leaving your home, so you can say goodbye to anyone else’s negative energy.

But that’s not all, crystal lovers! Get ready to discover 10 new stones and their healing properties that will enhance your crystal collection. And for all the pet lovers out there, you’ll also learn new ways to use crystals to help your furry friends.

Transform your living space with the power of crystal grids! You’ll discover how to grid your home, land, and garden to create a protective energy shield that will keep you and your loved ones safe.

And for those of you looking to manifest your dreams, get ready to learn how to use crystals to attract exactly what you want. You’ll also discover how to build reflective shields and construct protective matrices, and strengthen your auric field using crystal energy.

But that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy a powerful meditation that will help you form an alliance with the STONE PEOPLE.

Join us in person or on Zoom for this incredible event. And if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry – just email us at to register for the online class and receive your link and manual.

Don’t miss out on this chance to become a certified crystal healer! And remember, these classes are in NO particular order, so take as many as you want and have fun with it. Get ready for a class that’s packed with exciting and life-changing information.