We are hosting a full moon fire and time with the community. Join us for Fire and Fellowship.
This is a special night. We will start at 6pm with our Fire Ceremony and then we will have an open potluck. You can bring a dish to share with your community, but it is not required. Please bring your own chair.
We will have a beautiful ceremony fire and share a snack afterward in Fellowship.
We will wrap up the event by 9 pm.
The wonderful energy of fire during and around the full moon can help lead to transformational shifts in our lives. We offer this weather pending because it’s such a sacred place to gather around a fire and release anything that isn’t serving you at that time and offer in to manifest anything that might aid in your happiness and peace. This is always open to anyone. Its non-denominational and is a beautiful healing practice that allows us to move energy during the full moon for our highest good. We provide everything you will need and this is always a free event.
This July Moon is known as the Full Buck Moon, named because this is the time of year when young bucks begin to get their antlers. This will be a beautiful and powerful way to bring in and release the things you wish as we move from winter into spring!
Come and celebrate new beginnings with the power of this Full Moon Fire Ceremony. Join us around the fire in celebrating through ceremony, help us to honor mother earth and explore this blossoming, fertile time of year. Let’s open our hearts and minds for each other and for our love for the earth.
We will have drumming and offerings for you to use in the fire to give blessings to all you have in your life and blessings to the planet. Also you can make offerings for manifesting newness into your life. Offerings for the fire are welcome, like rosemary sprigs, cinnamon sticks, dried lavender, dried flowers, tobacco, cacao, sage or palo santo.
Bring your heart and willingness to connect to spirit, Nature and our lovely Moon. If you ever just wanted to enjoy the moon and be with a great group of like minded individuals, Join us! Bring a friend! See you at the pit!!
To register and hold your spot for this event please click the ticket link for this event in the listing.
Check here day of fire for any weather updates.
This event is not a child or pet-friendly event.
No access to the house.