about danielle rodriguez

Shamanic Healer + Practitioner | Reiki Master | Archangelic Master

Dr. of Holisitic Medicine | Crystal Energy Practitioner | Herbalist | Yoga Teacher Trainer

intuintive Healer. Leader. Guide. Teacher.

Meet Danielle

Raised in a small, picturesque town in Upstate New York, Danielle grew up eating from the land and being a steward of the planet. Meditation was part of her childhood as well as understanding how life and the environment impacts our physical bodies in many ways. 

After high school, Danielle moved to Florida to care for her aging grandparents. While caring for them, she worked for Federated Department Stores and was managing over $10M in cosmetics and hundreds of employees. While there, she met and married her husband and life seemed perfect.

On a seemingly average Christmas Eve in 2006, Danielle was walking her dog when she was stuck by a truck and thrown several hundred feet. In that moment, life changed forever.

Danielle spent 4 months in a hospital bed and endured a life changing catastrophe while many parts of the bones in her body were replaced with metal so that she would be able to walk again. After many months, weeks, days, and hours of rehabilitation, she finally began to walk.


It was this incident that propelled Danielle to begin her very own journey of healing, learning everything that she could about holistic healing. Danielle leaned into and learned Eastern Medicine and different modalities of healing. She had a mentor who was guiding her along this journey and one day, her mentor shared with her that she was a gifted healer and she should share her healing gift with others. Danielle took her advice and began to create a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine to help people heal.

Today, Danielle spends her days in sessions helping people break the patterns that hinder their lives and helps them to be the best versions of themselves by digging deep and getting to the route cause of their issues.

Danielle’s Certifications and Healing Modalities

Danielle is now an accomplished and sought after healer, speaker and interventionist. She works with clients across the US and internationally. Her role in life is that of a healer. Her trauma and training has helped in her work. Danielle’s training includes…
  • PhD in Holistic Medicine: She studied and received her PhD in Holistic Medicine to ensure that she would never have to rely on pain medication again, knowing that the injuries she received will always be present and she wanted to learn to manage her own chronic pain.
  • Reiki Master/Teacher: Along that journey, she found Reiki and became a Reiki Master to ensure she could perform Reiki on herself day and night.
  • Archangelic Light Master: Soon after that, she learned about another healing modality, Archangelic Light and she became an Archangelic Light Master to have the healing of the angels play a part in her walking again.
  • Certified Herbalist: Danielle holds 3 herbal certifications and is able to create many herbal concoctions that could help things like the common cold to things much more severe.
  • YTT500 Certified: She realized that her body needed to move differently and she became a certified yoga teacher so she could heal and help others move has their body to heal as well.
  • Shamanic Practitioner in the Peruvian Traditions: Danielle started studying Peruvian Shamanic Work and now is a Shamanic Practitioner. She has completely two Shamanic Medicine Wheels and her Apprenticeship Work.

Danielle helps people break through the patterns and limiting beliefs that have plagued many of them for a lifetime.

Danielle’s passion is to make the world a better place first by the love of the earth and then by her love of people.