What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural approach to improving health and wellbeing by using crystals and gemstones. It is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years by different cultures worldwide.

In crystal healing, it is believed that crystals and gemstones have healing properties that can help balance the body, mind, and spirit. The crystals work by absorbing, reflecting, and refracting light and energy, which can have a positive impact on the body’s energy fields.

Each crystal is unique and is believed to have its own set of healing properties. For instance, rose quartz is said to promote self-love and compassion, while amethyst is thought to promote relaxation and stress relief.

During a crystal healing session, the practitioner places the crystals on or around the body’s energy centers or chakras. The chakras are the seven energy centers in the body, which are believed to correspond to different aspects of the body and mind. By placing the crystals on the chakras, the practitioner aims to rebalance the energy flow and promote healing.

Crystal healing can be used to treat a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions. It is commonly used to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve pain. Crystal healing can also help to improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, and promote spiritual growth.

Crystal healing is a safe and non-invasive practice. It can be used in combination with other forms of alternative or conventional medicine to enhance their effectiveness. However, it is important to note that crystal healing should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

In conclusion, crystal healing is a powerful and effective practice that can help promote health and wellbeing. By using the unique properties of crystals and gemstones, crystal healing aims to rebalance the body’s energy flow and promote healing. If you are interested in exploring this ancient practice, consider booking a session with a qualified crystal healing practitioner.

About Hummingbird Wellness

Hummingbird Wellness in Angier, NC is a healing space created by Danielle Rodriguez, PhD. After a life changing accident, Danielle made the decision to learn about as many holistic modalities as possible to heal herself. After that healing took place, she realized that her gift could be shared with others. Danielle is a working shaman and also functions as a Shamanic Practitioner in the Peruvian Tradition, Reiki Master/Teacher, Archangelic Light Master, YTT500 Yoga Instructor, Certified Herbalist and gifted intuitive. Hummingbird Wellness provides a great variety of live and virtual services including…

PRIVATE SESSIONS: In private sessions, you can experience shamanic guidance, health counseling, individual healing, couples healing and private yoga sessions. These sessions can be held in person, on the phone or via Zoom.

CLASSES + EVENTS + RETREATS: We offer many types of classes and events, including a 15-month Shamanic Medicine Wheel Course, 12 different herbal classes, Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master/Teacher courses, Archangelic Light and Archangelic Light Master courses, Couples classes, and local and traveling retreats for individuals or corporations. You can attend many of these events in person, on the phone or via Zoom. Please inquire as to the individual attendance options.

FREE EVENTS: We love to support the community with regular events that are completely free including Reiki, Sound Healing and Crystal Share events.

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